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Snow Day Fun!

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176382_pastedImage_2.pngWhen winter storms start rolling in, we all know that could lead to SNOW DAY!! Missing school due to weather can put a halt to learning or even slow down the momentum of a lesson or unit. While it may be snowing outside, it's not snowing in Canvas. So, it might be worth checking out a few wonderful resources that have been publicly shared in Commons just in case you're snowed in.

Amanda Whigham, from Hall County Schools, shared the assignment Snow Day Assignment #1 which finds environmental science in the movies. Complete with thorough prompts and rubric, this could be a great assignment to import and modify (as needed) into any 9th grade (or any high school-level) science class.

If your snow days are dragging on, Sarah Hamby might have the perfect assignment to keep your spirits up. She shared Snow Day 3: SNOWFLAKE FUN in which students can complete an easy snow day math activity by taking a picture in the snow where arms display any type of angle (right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle). How fun is that?! Perfect for elementary school students!

Want a lesson on Arctic Habitats? Deactivated user created a page called "Snow Day Science Lesson" with instructions on how to access BrainPop (3rd party app) for brrr-science fun, complete with link to a video and quiz to share with your homeroom teacher!

Whether you're creating your own snow day activity or leveraging one from Commons, you best check out jmcbee​'s photo Snowy Day and Dog. It's a great visual addition to any assignment, quiz or lesson for your snowy-day activities.

Have a snow day activity? Share it in Commons public!

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Do a keyword search in Commons Public: snow, snow day, snowflake, snowy, winter, arctic, cold

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Any chance in the future when you share great finds that you could share the link to the actual find so I don't have to go searching? Thanks

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hunter​ - This is a GREAT idea. But right now Commons is an LTI integration within Canvas, which makes it challenging to link individual URLs to resources. There is already a feature idea requested for this ​ which is currently 'under consideration' stage. I encourage you to 'follow' it so you can be notified of any future updates.

In the meantime, I'll do the best I can to try to provide the keywords needed to easily, quickly get to the resources referenced. Smiley Happy

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Thanks for the link to the feature idea.