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Advocacy: Answering Community Questions Strategies

Advocacy: Answering Community Questions Strategies

When you answer questions in the forum your answer will usually take the form of one of the following:

  • The answer to this question can be found in this Canvas Guide, video, or short Jing video that I created for you.
  • While this is not currently possible in Canvas there is an existing Canvas Feature Ideas that you may want to follow, bookmark, and add your feedback and vote to.
  • This is not currently possible in Canvas and there is not an existing related Canvas Feature Ideas. You might consider creating a new request in Ideas.


Additional strategies for answering questions:

  • Click into the Question Forum. The group contains lists of recent answered and unanswered questions. You can select any of the unanswered questions to answer, or click on the Unanswered Questions button for the entire list.
  • When you answer a question that you think might have been asked by others, consider searching keywords to see if you can find other questions that you can mark as answered without a lot of additional work.
  • Consider challenging yourself with some older more difficult questions.  You can find them by clicking Question Forum - Unanswered Topics and using the page pagination at the top to navigate to older unanswered posts.
  • Any time you are not comfortable answering a question, or you find that it is a question impossible to answer without info from peeps at Instructure, please share the question with a Coach, or Community Manager. Always keep in mind that your responses and posts are publicly visible across the web and will be regarded as the source of truth—so if you're not 100% sure your answer is accurate, don't post it; there are plenty of other questions to answer. 😊
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but how whould you do it

I am warring with an older English teacher m brother and also new to the respondus lockdown gie me a chance and I will write the quizzes requirements