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Advocacy: Program Details

Advocacy: Program Details

Advocates are leaders in their field who are doing great things with Instructure software. They are innovators, forward-thinkers, and technology enthusiasts, who love what they do and are interested in continuing to move it forward. Advocates are committed to the future of your field and influencing its direction in multiple ways, including attending regional and national events and conferences, sharing their experiences and innovative stories, and helping others along the way. An Advocate is the ultimate ambassador.

The high level structure of Advocacy is as follows:

  1. A potential Advocate is referred into the Program.

  2. A potential Advocate Completes the Intent Form in the Community Page.

  3. The potential Advocate will be sent an invitation to the private advocates group in Community where they will complete on-boarding.

  4. An Advocate will complete 3 requirements annually.

  5. An Advocate will have access to Innovator level activities.

  6. Advocates will be renewed annually on the following schedule.

December 1, XXXX: all advocates are sent an acknowledgement to renew the Advocacy Agreement and update their information.

December 31, XXXX: All advocates that did not submit the 3 requirements are removed from the private group

January 15, XXX: All advocates that did not send in the acknowledgement to review are removed from the private group

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