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Advocacy: Social Policy

Advocacy: Social Policy

Definition of Social Media

For the purposes of this policy, social media should be understood to include any website or forum that allows for open communication on the internet including, but not limited to:

  • Social Networking Sites (LinkedIn, Facebook);
  • Micro-blogging Sites (Twitter);
  • Blogs (including company and personal blogs);
  • Video and photo-sharing websites (YouTube; Flickr)

Think Before Posting

In general, Advocates should think carefully before posting online, because most online social platforms are open for all to see. Unless given permission by Instructure, you are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company, nor to represent that you do so. You should identify that you are an Advocate for the company but are not being compensated for your opinions or services. Your opinions and comments are your own.

Do Not Post Confidential Information

You may not share information that is confidential and proprietary about Instructure. This includes information about trademarks, upcoming product releases, sales, finances, company strategy, and any other information that has not been publicly released by the company. These are given as examples only and do not cover the range of what the company considers confidential and proprietary.

If you have any questions about whether information has been released publicly or doubts of any kind, speak with the Community Team and the Public Relations department before releasing information that could potentially harm Instructure, or our current and potential products, employees, partners, and customers.

The company logo and trademarks may not be used without permission. This is to prevent the appearance that you speak for or represent the company officially as an employee of Instructure.

Advocates Are Not Official Spokespeople for Instructure, Unless Explicitly Granted That Status

If an Advocate expresses opinions online they must indicate they are their own personal opinions and not representative of Instructure. An Advocate should never represent himself or herself as an official spokesperson for Instructure.

Legal Liability

Advocates can be legally liable for their posts online. Advocates opinions and posts are their own and not those of Instructure.

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