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Outreach: Blogging

Outreach: Blogging

The Extra Credit Blog is Canvas's blog where we capture all the latest and greatest stories of Canvas users. As an Advocate, we would like you to share the impact Canvas is having in the classroom at your institutions. Also, share new and innovative ideas that you are implementing Canvas.


  • An advocate will author one blog for the official Extra Credit Blog, or two blog posts for the Community. 


Estimated Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour: dependent on your writing/editing flow.


  • A Google Document is preferred, but a Word file is acceptable.
  • 300-500 words
  • Title and Subtitle
  • Section headers are preferred
  • Header image should be 600 x 400 pixels (If you need help finding an image, please let us know.)
  • Your blog can include multimedia (i.e. video, charts, hyperlinks to your institution and your byline(s), etc.)
  • Instructure will share your blog through our social media accounts
  • Official Sign-off:

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Submission Requirements:

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