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Outreach: Presentation

Outreach: Presentation

Conference presentations are a great way to share expertise and knowledge. As and advocate we would like you to get out there and share while including an Instructure product in your demonstration.


  • An advocate will complete one conference presentation.  


Estimated Time Commitment:

  • About 3-4 hours, including proposal, prep, and presentation


  • The presentation does not need to be focused on Instructure software, but Instructure software needs to be featured.
  • Conference opportunities are organized by Instructure and non-Instructure. A completed presentation at any of these opportunities will meet the objective of this activity.
  • Instructure Events:
    • CanvasCons: Your admission fee will be waived.
    • InstructureCon: Your admission fee will be waived.
  • Non Instructure Events
    • Regional User Groups: Funding for registration and travel is dependent on need.  Check below for opportunities.
    • Tradeshows/Conferences: Funding for registration and travel is dependent on need.  Check below for opportunities.
    • For a list of future conferences that we would love to have an Advocate present at, please view this spreadsheet of K12 and HE events.

Positive Examples:


Submission Requirements:

  • Submit the URL of your recorded presentation, or a picture of you presenting along with your name and presentation description in the conference schedule to the Canvas: Outreach Activity Submission



  Questions about this activity; post them in the comments below or email

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This opportunity is not currently offering travel reimbursement, but it is an excellent way to fulfill the annual Advocacy requirement.  

Digital Learning Annual Conference * February 24-26 2020 * Austin, TX

Call for Proposals

If you get a proposal accepted, please be sure to let me and  @bgrow_sales  know!


Howdy! Can we use a presentation we presented this year (OLC Innovate April 2019) where we highlighted use a Canvas product (ie Arc)? Bonus, it was recorded from a live stream.

Sky V.

Do local webinars count towards this? Given the unique circumstances I know I will be offering more webinars for my local users as new people come on board with Canvas. I understand if they don't!

Hi  @mjoaquin ! That's awesome that you'll be offering webinars to help people with Canvas!  @Renee_Carney can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that would fall under Service: Live Webinar Session

I wasn't sure if Webinars only counted if they were part of the Canvas Live series hosted in house. 

Just to let everyone know, we have updated this document and it now contains a list of future Non-Instructure conferences that we would love an Advocate to attend. The first one on the list is FETC next January.

Will Instructure update this list so we know what is approved or how will it work? In addition, it would be worth notating what conferences would be paid for.awilliams

Hi Jessica.  This list will be updated as our teams are made aware of conferences.  Advocates can also submit conferences that they are attending that are not on the list.  Travel and Lodging are not covered for any of the conferences.  Registration will be on a case-by-case basis

Thank you. How will we be notified the list is update? How do we submit for a request to present at a conference?

You likely won't be notified. The idea behind sharing the list is that people who are already planning to present at a conference can check the list to see if it is one we have identified and let us know. If you plan to present and want to discuss anything beforehand just contact us in whatever way you prefer.

Got it. Thank you.

Hello Advocates! We've recently added two more opportunities to the list of events that you can submit session proposals to, CoSN (Austin, TX) and NCCE (Seattle, WA). Please note that the submission deadlines are July 30 and Aug 28, respectively. Helpful links can be found in the spreadsheet. Please let us know if you've submitted a proposal, and when you hear back!

Will there be any HE events upcoming that we can submit proposals to?


hey im new on this and im tryna see " how we do the assignments?" so can anyone help me or is this a app were everyone just communicates.