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Service: Community Q&A

Service: Community Q&A

Answering the questions of other users helps them tremendously, but you just might be amazed at how much you learn in the process as well. As an advocate, we'd like you to serve others by helping them to overcome the hurdles they've encountered and shared.


  • An advocate will provide an answer for 30 unique questions within the Community


Estimated Time Commitment:

  • 2-20 minutes per question
  • dependent on the amount of research or explanation required to answer the question


Positive Examples:

Submission Requirements:

  • Provide a spreadsheet or document of links to the 30 answers you provided.  This means you might want to track them as you go so you don't have to hunt your answers down later Smiley Wink
  • Submit your completed spreadsheet or document in the Canvas: Service Activity Submission


:smileyinfo: Questions about this activity; post them in the comments below or email

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The objective has 60 questions, but the submission requirement says to post links to 30. Which one is correct? Thank you!

Hi,  @ddaniels . I wanted to check up on this. Does it still say 60 somewhere?