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Service: Host a Regional Event

Service: Host a Regional Event

Hosting a regional event is a great way to build Community in your local area and elevate learning with educational technology. As an Advocate we'd like you to join in coordinating an existing event, or if one doesn't exist, get one going!


  • An advocate will coordinate, or serve with a team that coordinates a regional user group event.


Estimated Time Commitment:

  • Let's be honest, there's no good way to estimate time here :smileylaugh:.


Positive Examples:

Submission Requirements:

:smileyinfo: Questions about this activity; post them in the comments below or contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).


Good morning! I organized two Canvas EdCamp style training days this summer. One in June and have another one coming up on Monday! Would those be considered regional events? We invited other area school districts to attend and had 50 at our June event and have over 75 registered for our July event. Let me know how I can adapt our event on Monday to best suit the needs of a Canvas regional event! Our working agenda can be found here: 

Those totally fit within the guidelines, Lena!  Exciting stuff!

My school is the first school in our county to go digital and use Canvas. If I facilitate an event during pre-planning that teaches my colleagues about Canvas and best practices, would this count? 

Will you be inviting other schools?

I teach a professional development course for my district 4 times a year available to all secondary schools. Would that count as a regional event? If not, I will have other opportunities I am sure.

Might I add it is all about the features of Canvas and how to use it to improve instruction.

I am on the ELC for WACC 2020. WACC 2020 (March 26 & 27) – Hosted by Tacoma Community College  

My school is not hosting it but I am on the committee helping out. Does this count? I also do faculty Fridays at JBLM and give updates and training on canvas features. we do this about ever 2-3 weeks during the term. Sometimes the canvas stuff is short since we do go over other college related stuff.

If I present on Canvas at a regional conference or at the district level does this qualify?

Hi Danica! Presenting would be awesome, but I believe it would fall under Outreach: Presentation.

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