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Service: Live Webinar Session

Service: Live Webinar Session

Live webinar events are a great way to share expertise and knowledge.  As an advocate we'd like you to share your expertise and knowledge, or facilitate the sharing of others.  To complete this activity you will host at least 2 live webinars.


  • An advocate will plan and present 2 live/recorded webinar sessions either in the CanvasLIVE [Community] or Canvas Webinars [Instructure Web].


Estimated Time Commitment:

  • Prep: 2-5 hours each
  • Presentation: 1/2 - 1 hour each


Hosted through CanvasLIVE

  • How do I set up a CanvasLIVE event?
  • They should be a minimum of 1/2 hour and no longer than 1 hour each.
  • The webinars should be recorded and the recording should be shared as a link in the comments of the CanvasLive event.

Hosted through the Canvas Website

  • Opportunities will be posted on an as needed basis.

Positive Examples:


Submission Requirements:

:smileyinfo: Questions about this activity; post them in the comments below or email

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