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Community Team
Community Team

In an effort to make it SUPER easy for our newer Canvas teachers and admins to get their questions answered quickly, we are launching an open Virtual Office Hours initiative. And we think our Advocates [that's you] are best positioned to kick off this effort.

Participation counts toward your Service activities.

We are asking you to host two (2) hours worth of virtual open office time between May 15 and July 31, 2020.

  • ANY COMBINATION: Two hours can be completed in any combination (i.e., one 2-hour session or four 30-minute sessions, etc.).
  • ANY DAY: Office hours can be scheduled any day between May 15 and July 31.
  • ANY TIME: Schedule your office hours when it’s most convenient for you (even if that means 5am or 10pm). We are a global community, after all.
    Note: Check for other Office Hour events at the same time. You might find someone to team up with!
  • ANY VIDEO CONFERENCING PLATFORM: We suggest Zoom (with waiting room enabled), but use any video conferencing platform that is easy for users to join in and chat.
  • NO RECORDING: You do not need to record or close-caption your sessions.

Please don’t feel like you have to duplicate Canvas support. We want you to be there to help answer questions to the best of your ability, point people to resources and guides in the community, and help users make progress towards their goals (even if that means helping them create a support ticket.)

“There have been times when I could not answer a question and could only offer an ear to listen,” encourages Greg Beyrer, Canvas Advocate who has already hosted over 40 virtual office hours in the Canvas community since 2017. “It is still an opportunity to connect with other Canvas users.”

List your ‘office hours’ in CanvasLIVE by May 15.

We have updated our CanvasLIVE space to make it more like a faculty or staff lounge. All virtual office hours will be listed as a CanvasLIVE event.

Here’s an example Virtual Office Hour event hosted by Greg Beyrer. 

Click for steps on hosting your CanvasLIVE event

NOTE: There are no naming conventions for ‘event title’ (but be sure to select ‘office hours’ under event type so members can easily filter by and find an event.) Title your office hours however you wish (i.e., “Bob’s Office Hours”, “Teacher Office Hours”, “Open Lab for All”) -- you get the idea!

We will be announcing this initiative via social media and in the Canvas Community by May 15, 2020, so please schedule most of your hours in the CanvasLIVE space by May 15.

Let’s shoot for 300 hours of virtual, real-time support!

If each Canvas Advocate offers their Canvas expertise and helps new users navigate the community, we’d be hosting over 300 hours of service hours worldwide! We’ll have a countdown in the Canvas Advocate group in the community to keep track of the hours of service!

We hope you are able to join us in this initiative!

Thank you for all the things you do!

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Community Team
Community Team

Education Dive is interested in receiving an opinion piece from a Canvas Advocate on Social Emotional Learning.

Email submissions to:

Submission Deadline: November 5, 2019

Here are their writer's guidelines.

  • vendor-neutral piece (we can have one mention)
  • Submissions must be original and exclusive to Education Dive
  • Word count: approximately 700 - 1,000 words
  • Pieces should be an opinion on a timely and important issue. They must add value to an ongoing discussion in the industry.
  • The best pieces will be written with purpose. They will be concise and insightful.
  • We reserve the right to determine whether the substance of your piece is promotional, biased, or not grounded in fact.
  • We will fact check and edit pieces for style.

Swag: The author of the piece that is selected and published will receive exclusive Canvas swag!

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