Please Welcome Partners to our Community


We are thrilled to announce that you can now interact with the Partner Directory within the Community; creating a cohesive experience for all of us to learn more about partners. This online hub will be a one-stop-shop to learn and engage with Canvas partners.

Each partner has posted a listing that details their products and provides integration details, product documentation, product release notes, privacy and security information, and partner contact information. Each listing has a comment section, which provides a space to ask questions directly to the partner.

We are most excited about the new privacy and security information section on each listing. This information is self-reported by the partner. Instructure would not be Instrucure without our commitment to transparency, and for this commitment, we ask our partners to self-report information regarding their privacy practices and security programs. These additions ultimately help you make informed decisions and build a stronger community of trust and satisfaction. 

How do I search for a Partner?


  1. Navigate to 
  2. View one of our featured partners: AWS, Google, or Microsoft 
  3. Use the Partner Filters to search for a partner by available region, category, market, or compliancemcornia_0-1612542098690.png