Community Changes November/December 2021 - Videos and Ideas

Community Team
Community Team
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We’re always making tweaks and changes to our Community design and functionality while also working to implement new features from our Community platform provider, Khoros. For the past few months we’ve been working behind the scenes on a couple projects that we’re excited to share with you today.

First, our Canvas Overview Videos are some of our most popular resources here in the Community. Until now, these videos have been buried on a page of text and links, making it difficult to quickly browse the page for the video you’re looking for. Put simply, the old video landing page was pretty boring. Our new and improved Overview Video landing page is much more visually appealing, showing video titles and thumbnails. Different thumbnail colors correspond to different Canvas user roles to make it easier to find the video you want to watch or share.


In addition to a better landing page, you can also click the video thumbnail to instantly open and auto-play the video without leaving the landing page. And of course, you can always click the video info link to view more details about the video, including links to video scripts, the option to view the video on Vimeo, a brief video description, and the date the video was last updated.

Second, Idea Conversations is a vital space in our Community for gathering feedback to pass on to our product teams. Currently, we have over 3300 ideas open for conversation and over 650 ideas that have been completed and implemented into Canvas and our other products. However, the Ideas space is not easy to navigate nor is it easy to filter or search for ideas that are important to you and your institution.

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 13.14.13 PM.png


We’ve worked to improve both navigation and the option to filter and search for ideas within the Idea Conversations space. You can now filter ideas by Idea Status and Product and can sort ideas by date. In addition, ideas are sorted to show the newest ideas in the Open for Conversation stage first, making it easier to browse the newest ideas added to the Community.

We hope these features help improve your Community experience. Of course, if you have feedback, please leave a comment here or post in the Community Hub forum with your feedback or suggestions for how we can continue to improve the Instructure Community.