Community Resource Redirects

Community Team
Community Team

Tl;dr: We’re planning ahead to prevent tech debt from redirects created in the new Community. We’ll chat about redirects that were broken and repaired during the Community migration at a later date.

Why Redirects?

Features are released or updated and community resources become outdated. When this happens we prevent immediate breakage of links by putting a redirect in place. The new community platform treats resource creation much more efficiently than the old, so we expect redirects to be less frequent and fewer than in the past. 

When they are necessary, our proposal for handling redirects is as follows:

  • We will continue to redirect resources: We know that redirects are important to continuity of service for all users—especially when used within your courses—so we will continue to utilize redirects when a resource changes.
  • Redirects will last 6 months: Redirects cannot be redirected again, which is ideal in preventing the tech debt acquired in the past. We propose that redirects will be deleted 6 months post creation, which allows you time to update with the new link.
  • Redirects will be logged and communicated: We do not want to put redirects in place and not communicate their upcoming removal to you. Our proposal is to develop a log that is updated on the same schedule as the release schedule, when redirects are put in place. The termination date of the logged redirects will also be posted at this time.

Our goal in creating a redirects log is that it will give you time to 1) search for and replace redirected links in your courses, and/or 2) communicate redirected links with your staff so that they can replace them before the redirects are terminated. We also want to ensure we never accumulate the amount of technical debt we did over the past 5 years in our previous community ever again!


What About the Old Redirects?

Many of you endured the journey right along with us when our Community migration (from Jive to Khoros) revealed a tremendous amount of tech debt compounded from numerous redirects upon redirects. This situation was something we discussed with our migration team, but neither of our teams were able to predict them all breaking. This discussion is not to discuss migration redirects. We’ll start a new conversation when we have more information from Khoros about those options.


Thanks for considering this proposal and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.