Differentiating Student and Instructor Guides

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It can be really hard for me to tell if a guide is geared for students or instructors.  Would it be possible to change the look of the pages between the two:

  • Different color schemes that were more indicative of which guide you were in.
  • A different trail at the top.  For example:
  • A different title.  For example:
    • For Students: How do I sign up for a Scheduler appointment in the Calendar?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @amunger17 ‌,  @tlampley ‌'s advice is always greatly appreciated—but in this case, please know that the Ideas space is for suggestions for enhancements to the Canvas software, not to the third-party platform on which this community resides or to our documentation, which is why we've moved this question out of the general Q & A forum and into the Meta Community Group, where we discuss all-things-Community.

Our documentation team appreciates your feedback. As welcome as some of the innovations you've suggested might be, our ability to implement them is limited by the platform as well as the integration with (believe it or not) a fourth-party platform our team uses to author and revise the documentation behind the scenes which allows us to push out updated resources simultaneously with every release.

While it's not something we're able to do right now, we'll certainly take these suggestions into consideration as we move toward our next platform.

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