Edit Idea Conversation UI - Star rating interface problematic

Community Participant

The recent update to the overall UI of the Canvas community has resulted in changing the "Vote up" and "Vote down" options into a star rating. I'm not opposed to this star rating, but it is really difficult to tell from looking at it whether or not you've already rated this idea.

For example, most ideas that I want to vote on already have an average 5 star rating, shown visually as 5 black stars. It looks exactly like that whether I'm one of those averaged votes or I'm not one of them. Then when I try voting, but clicking on the fifth black star, it sometimes works the first time, but often I need to click it twice (maybe the first click enters the editing stage??). I can only tell if my vote was counted if I see the number in parentheses beside the rating go up by one.

It makes this process, honestly, ridiculously complicated for what it is. I think we should either switch back to "Vote up"/"Vote down," OR change the star interface to be easier to use and easier to identify. Perhaps a different color if I've already voted? Perhaps have the average star rating as is, but then add below it a set of empty stars where the user can post a rating?

I'm not a programmer, so I don't know how complicated it is to set this up, but we've got to be able to come up with something better than this. I'm embarrassed when I ask colleagues new to participating in the community --"OK, after you've logged in, you've got to hit the star to show how high you rate it, but it might not take the first time, you can tell it worked if that number beside the rating goes up by one..."