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I'm all for gamification, but it is nice to understand the rules.  Does anyone know if there is any documentation about this Communities point gathering system?

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 @mlewis23 ​ I'm not certain of actual documentation regarding the points but I do know that when you're on your user profile if you click on your points you will then see a list to the left that supplies you with your rank, missions, badges and so fourth. When you click on each one of those areas you should see what task you need to accomplish to receive these points. There was a long discussion about this when Jive​ was first launched Re: Points!  The other issue I had when I first started being "active" in the community was not seeing my badges. Luckly,  @biray  took care of that right away. If that happens to you follow these steps What if I didn't receive a badge that I should have? 

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