Has anyone figured out how to bookmark content?

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I noticed when I click in the search box in the top right of the new community that there is a section for "bookmarked" content. Referring to the Jive documentation on bookmarking it would seem to indicate I should be able to bookmark any content I find here but I'm not seeing anything to "click Bookmark in the right menu."

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The title of this discussion is a link. Select the title of this conversation, and you will open a different instance of this discussion and reveal a sidebar menu to the right. Bookmark is one of the menu options.

Now, your next question will be, "How do I find MY bookmarks?" Smiley Wink

Select inside the search text box (far upper right) to position the cursor for typing a search criteria. A dropdown menu appears. One of your many options will be to search your bookmarks. Another option will be to list your bookmarks.

Have you noticed this programming trend over the last few years? Let's play hide-n-seek with menus. I suppose this trend meets another programming value, which is more screen real estate and less "clutter." So, we learn the habit of looking for the invisible and hidden menus.

Don't faculty ask you, "How do I find Speedgrader in the Grade Book?"


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