Increasingly Negative Points!

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My Community score is going backwards with every (apparently) new contact made.



Am quite sure that the people who are now following me, followed me before -  @Chris_Hofer ‌ and  @kmeeusen ‌

I must have angered the Community Gods!

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Coach Emeritus

Hi  @GideonWilliams 

This is because of the three new Quests available that ask us to follow about 30 groovy Community members including you! In order to earn the badge, if you are already following someone you have to rudely un-follow them, then follow.

You can learn about the new quests at 

And for the record, Sir, this is recognition you have well earned! Although I am sorry about the backward scoring when you are un-followed. However, I expect you will see a sharp and substantial increase as the word gets out and new folks start following you.


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