Limits on Feature Requests in Jive?

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If my count is correct, there are currently 349 feature request ideas up for voting currently.  At the same time, new ideas are constantly being suggested on a daily basis. The overall idea count is around 650 right now.   I'm afraid that there are going to be important or even good ideas that I, and others, miss due to the sheer volume.   Is there any way to put a cap on either 1) the number of ideas that can be voted upon in a given round and/or 2) the number of new ideas that can be suggested for the next voting queue?  

I know this is the first go around in the new community so there is going to be some growing pains and trial-and-error. I simply think the number of ideas for voting and the total number of ideas suggested in such a short lifetime of the new community is already approaching overwhelming and I wonder if slowing it down somehow would allow for better discussion and votes on suggested ideas.  I mean, how many of us have gone through all 18 pages of ideas open for voting, besides  @kona ​? Smiley Happy

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @canvas_admin ​ and  @kona ​,

Yes, this is obviously something we are very interested it.  Agreed that:

  1. There were a lot of existing ideas coming over initially from the old community.  In the first few days we saw 50 per day added, then 30, then 25, then 20.  By my count there were seven over the weekend.  That is out of of several thousand in the old platform.
  2. There is definitely new blood.  All the numbers tell us we are getting an order of magnitude more participants and more participation per person than we did previously.
  3. We will continue to monitor and may still adjust the thresholds for what gets addressed and what doesn't.  We'll see as things continue to level out.

Thanks to those of you who are making this work - impossible if you didn't jump in and make things happen.

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