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Hey everyone,

Sometimes when I look at the missions in Community I'm not sure WHERE I'm supposed to put that content. Like the V@lentine task -where do I actually *make* that comment.

Also, the blog posts (e.g. Scholar). Do I create/post to a personal blog within Community? My page says that I don't have one. Or do I post to a group somewhere?


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lse224​, these two guides should help answer your questions - What are the Canvas Community missions? & What types of badges are available in the Community?

For Scholar it states, "Your blog posts are always full of insightful commentary. Write 25 blog posts and accumulate over 1000+ views across all blog posts." There's no way to create a personal blog post (under your profile), so instead you'd go to one of the many different groups in the Community - Join Groups - and join some that interest you. You could then create/add blogs within these different groups.

I looked for the Valentine challenge and I don't see it on the list, but the direct link is here - You had us @ mention (I just did a search in the Community for Valentine and it came right up).

In addition, since this isn't actually a question about Canvas, I'm going to move it over to the Meta Community Group​, which is designated as the place for all questions/things about the Community (not actually about Canvas).

Hope this helps and enjoy your missions! They are definitely addicting!!!

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