Remember my search string!

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Hey, all. I'm not sure who is the best group to approach about this. Let me start the discussion. Please, redirect me as necessary.

This is not about Canvas itself. This is about the Canvas Community website.

I very much would like to see my browser REMEMBER my search string.

Just this morning, I was searching on all manner of stuff about "ungraded assignments".

1) I went to this site: 

2) I typed "ungraded assignment" in the searchbar.

3) The site returned a bunch of links.

4) I followed one that was interesting.

5) The browser took me to that page.

6) I read it.

7) I decided this was not what I wanted.

😎 I hit the browser's "Back" button.

And, my searchbar is empty!

9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) I had to retype "ungraded assignment"... probably six times!

Is there not a way this site can be designed so that my browser remembers that search string? Maybe, open each linked page in its own tab?

Very inconvenient. Especially when, I searched on a more complicated string... and see two our more result options that seemed interesting... and, unless I re-type the search string verbatim, I may never find those other links again.

Thx for any improvement we can encourage here.

Cliff Cunningham

Canvas Support (internal)

University of Wisconsin - Madison