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The ability to post ideas in the community is nice, but the sort function is lacking. If you sort by votes, I don't see a way to view "lowest" first. If you want to see newer ideas, you need to scroll through a lot of pages. 


72 pages to get to the lowest score as of this morning. This seems an ineffective way to browse newer ideas that may be worthy of a vote up, but you'd never see it and it ends up archived due to too little votes. 


Am I missing something in the sort or search function in the Ideas Page?

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Hi  @sarah-canatsey  - I do not think you're missing anything, but I think I have a partial "hack" for you based on years of experience with frustration from web sites.  Starting from scratch, if I head to Ideas, and then Content, and then select Open for Voting I'm on the page you indicated.  However, instead of Sort by Score, click on Sort by Most Votes.  (Score won't work here; and sorting by votes kind of gets to what you want to do, I think.  Frankly, I'm not entirely certain what the difference is myself, and I haven't looked it up yet.)  The screen sorts by, of course, the most votes.  But it also has at the top of the screen in my browser this rather long URL which you won't get if you sort by score:

You want to get to the end of that URL in your browser, so you will likely have to put your cursor somewhere in there and then hit your END key to get to the end of that line.  From there, simply change the 0 at the end of that URL to 1 and hit ENTER on your keyboard.  The screen will then change to one where you will see 0 votes registered and as you click forward the pages they will eventually change to 1 vote, to 2 votes, and so on.

I imagine there may some other work-arounds to your question, but as I said this is something I've done in the past on similar web sites.

See if that works for you, Sarah.

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