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About 10 days ago, I was no longer able to see my point total (or any other users).  Furthermore if I click on the point total box to try and view missions nothing happens.  Thinking it was browser related, I have tried chrome, i.e. and firefox.  Same result for all three browsers.  I have tried everything I can think of and looked everwhere in my settings with no luck.  Anybody have any ideas?  Hopefully it is just something obvious that I am overlooking.  The image below shows the view of the points area in my profile.

my profile.PNG

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Bummer about your computer and network.

I have not submitted the ticket yet with Jive; waiting to hear if you had the same issues at home or not.

I looked for known issues around this for FF 38 & 39, but have not found anything.

Let me know how this issue persists with your work computers and if it is happening at home or not.  Just trying to narrow down the network settings for sure or determine if it is a profile or browser issue.

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