What is the Canvas Community user base composed of?

Community Champion

I was wondering if there was any data on the Canvas Community user base. How many users are admins vs. how many are instructors? How many of those are actually active in the community? If you do not have any data, what do you think the community is composed of based on your interaction?

This was an observation I made as I was noticing the Feature Idea voting process. I notice many features that get proposed that would be amazing for an instructor, but they get very little traction.  I notice that none of the instructors from my school district are active on here besides myself. I am an instructor and our admin, but the admin is more of a volunteer position rather than a full time or paying job (I get a supplement, but it is an extremely small supplement).  My predecessor was also an instructor  and a paid admin, but had very little presence in the community here. 

Could community demographics determine what ideas see production? 

I love engaging in discussion on here, thanks to all who join it.