What's going on with Canvas Guides/Video Guides?

Community Participant

Last week I noticed that the Canvas Guides had a UI change. I can appreciate an update from time to time but the resulting product is much less useable than the previous version. Gone are the anchors in the Instructor and Student Guides that allow me to direct a user to all your tutorials on a particular topic. Many of the links in our training courses are broken so I'm having to correct URLs.

I don't know where to start on the Video Guides (https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Video-Guide/tkb-p/videos). What used to be my favorite KB resource is now a weird feed - videos listed by the date they were created rather than organized by topic. Please tell me there are plans to fix this.

I would have more patience with these changes if they hadn't come a week before the fall semester is scheduled to start. Please let us admins know in advance when changes like these are planned. This would have been a great thing to include in an email or in the Release Notes.