Why are guide versions no longer viewable?

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Why are guide versions no longer viewable?  "Version X" use to be a clickable link...

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Hi Clint,

Good question!  Jive is the community platform we use to host the Canvas Community, including the guides. Lithium, which is a company that acquired Jive (technically JiveEx) has decided that they will not grant non-community admins the rights to view version history.  We do not agree with this decision and have made our opinion about it known to Lithium.  Unfortunately that is about all we can do at this point.  If you have a specific question about a given version or when something might have changed in the documentation, please feel free to DM us.

Seeing your question is specific to the community as opposed to pertaining to Canvas itself, I'll go ahead and move it to the Meta Community Group‌ which is a mini-community about the community.



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