Why end voting when feature requests are archived?

Community Champion

@communitymanagers Here's something I don't understand about the voting system:  Why cut off voting when an idea is archived?

Nowadays when I want to put in a feature request, I first do a search, and I find, almost invariably, that my request has already been made -- and, almost invariably, it has already been archived.  I feel foolish putting in a new request when there's one already there; and, it seems like a waste of my time to reword  request that someone else has already  carefully crafted.  What I want to do is vote, and perhaps add a comment. 

I can see the value of maintaining an archive so that reading the community is more manageable, but no benefit to cutting off the ability to second a request, and lots of reasons why people might have missed it in the first go round.  An additional innovation would have an archived request that reaches a certain threshold of votes, or a series of increasingly large thresholds (say 100, 150, 200...), get popped back out of the archive to be reconsidered by community chieftans (who will then probably put it right back in the archive).

A related question:  is there a way to subscribe to be notified of requests at the moment they become "Open for voting"?  I see an RSS feed when I'm on <https://community.canvaslms.com/community/ideas/feature-ideas/content?filterID=contentstatus[publish...>, but I don't know if that would get me what I'm looking for, and, anyway, I'd rather get an email alert or have it included in the Canvas Community Updates I regularly get from Jive.