Wrapped in Community Love 🐼 ❤️

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Wrapped in my Community quilt.Wrapped in my Community quilt.

My office is currently under construction and all of my contents are out in the hallway this week, which I am fine with. Except for one thing.  My quilt.  Everything else is replaceable, except for this quilt. You see, this quilt was specially made and gifted to me in 2018 by the Canvas Community Team.  Do you see those butterflies?  Look closer. Those are the Community Team's feet!  And every time I wrap myself up in this quilt (which is OFTEN), I love that I have their feet all over me. 😂  

After a crazy medical event days before InstructureCon in 2017 that left me paralyzed, the Canvas Community of users and employees came together like a dream team, as a cheering squad, motivators, prayer warriors, walking buddies, #stepsforbeth followers, and the most amazing friendships.  But not just for me!  For each other, themselves, other family members, for our very own Panda mascot, because Panda needs a high-five and a motivation buddy, too!  Together, virtually and in-person in the high altitude of Keystone, we walked 17 million steps to InstCon'18.  And we celebrated. And hugged. Lots and LOTS of hugs. 

InstructureCon 2018 with PandaInstructureCon 2018 with Panda






And during the school year, we check in on one another and talk about our kids. We ask for help with Canvas related questions, or even non-Canvas questions. We have random zoom chats, just for fun. And pre-pandemic, I was known to start random fun Challenges around other conferences for Canvas attendees via twitter so I could have some fun virtually (obviously, this was before virtual conferencing changed the game shortly thereafter).

During InstructureCon this year, a group of Advocates were returning back to our rooms after the party on Wednesday night, perhaps a little bit loudly toward the elevators. Nope, not sorry! Once on the elevator, a Canvas user (HI!) asked us if we were all there together and which school we were all there from. When we replied that we were all from different places, she surprisingly then said "Oh, well you must meet up every year then.", clearly recognizing the close bond between us.  And one of us replied "Actually, this is the first time we've all met in person. But we've been talking online daily or weekly for a couple of years!" She asked "How?" and as I started to walk off the elevator, I simply said "Through the Community."   

Advocates with PandaAdvocates with Panda

That's it. The power of Community.  Whether it is online or in-person. East Coast or Mountain Time. 

Use this blog post.  Leave a comment.  Let's start up random conversations.  Doesn't have to be Canvas questions. It could be totally silly. Or a funny memory or joke from InstCon. Or you want to say hello to someone in the community that you've always wanted to say hi to before but didn't know how to start the conversation.  This is how we had conversations in this Community back in the days of 2015-2019ish that I remember.  So let's do it here.

I hope you connect.