12 Days of Canvasmas

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This holiday season is full of reasons to be cheerful! Semesters wrap up, we have time with family and friends, and the anticipation of some vacation days is motivational.

In the United States, many of us are plagued graced with Christmas music from the moment we pack away the fall or Thanksgiving decorations. With time and without fail, The 12 Days of Christmas will play over the radio, overhead in the store, or on your favorite streaming music service. While this oldie has a strange history (If you’re curious, learn more!), one thing is for sure: it will be stuck on a repeat loop in your mind. ...at least that’s the case for me.

Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to gift each Canvas Community member their own 12 Days collection of presents...I mean, in 2017, it’s worth about $34,000! And there’s a slim chance that anyone would actually want those 12 Days gifts to appear on their doorstep.

12 Days of Christmas

Because I, and the rest of the Coaches, value collaborating with each and every one of the Canvas Community Members, we needed to celebrate each one of you in some way.

Good news! We have a solution!

We are extremely fortunate to be able to highlight the priceless gifts that we have available in the Canvas Community. We’re calling this The 12 Days of Canvasmas!

Between December 25th, 2017 and January 5th, 2018, there will be a new blog post for Canvas Community members to enjoy. It's clear that we have many many gifts right here that we should celebrate! Community Managers and Coaches did their best to find items and topics that match the tune and theme of the old Christmas Carol. By day 12, hopefully, you’ll be happily singing along.

Be sure to check back every day for more insights and reflections.

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Sorry if our rendition gets stuck in your head. Please forgive us.

Happy Holidays, and enjoy our 12 Days of Canvasmas!

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This will be so much fun, kristin.lundstrum@delasalle.com‌! And I had never thought before about how much it would cost to actually give all those gifts, ha ha. Very cute!

I have a Latin version of that Christmas carol if anyone is interested:

Bestiaria Latina: Gaudium Mundo: XII Dies Natalis 

And a Canvas Latin Carols widget of course:

Widget: Gaudium Mundo

Merry Christmas to you, and I'm looking forward to the Canvasmas. 🙂

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