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Allow Idea Exchange search results to open in new tabs/windows

I got on Idea Exchange to post another idea. I searched for similar posts, but clicking on the results in the drop-down menu opened them in the same tab. This makes it practically impossible to do any sort of rigorous search of the many ideas with similar titles. The links, inexplicably, work as expected if I press Enter and go to a whole page of search results (holding Ctrl allows me to open the links I want in a new tab).

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Community Team
Community Team


Thanks for sharing this feedback. Much to my dismay, I encountered this myself just the other day. So when I say "I hear you," I promise those aren't empty words: I hear you loud and clear.

This entire platform is "powered by Khoros"; in other words, we at Instructure cannot code on it and make the changes you, or we, desire. We have expressed our sentiments to the platform developer and are hopeful that over time not only the search experience but navigation overall will continue to improve.

As the Idea Conversations forum is designed for discussion around enhancements to our Canvas platform specifically, we've archived this idea. We have a group that is dedicated to all-things-Community, and if you're interested in adding your thoughts to that forum as a discussion post, you'll find it at Community Users - Canvas Community 

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@Stef_retired  - can we not have the search on the IDEAS page  - without having to make a new idea to search? 

Community Team
Community Team


We'd really like this! In the meantime, the current functionality is that the search field on this page and on the home page for the Idea Conversations hub automatically defaults to the Idea Conversations forum, so it will only return results that are in this space. (That's how I search for ideas here myself: I use the search field that is at the top of the page and right-click on each one to open it in a new tab or window.)

This platform is built by a third-party provider; we have expressed our sentiment to them around search, but we're not able to effect changes to the inbuilt search functionality independently. If this is something you'd like to see the provider add, they maintain their own ideation space (🙂) in their community: Home - Atlas 

...and we recently changed the default setting on the Search dropdown. That small change resulted in a massive improvement in the platform's search success metrics.