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Community Champion

Are accidental downvotes happening to you?

Since the Jive 2016.1 Update; Content Evolution upgrade, I've noticed that I have to be careful about confirming that my press of VOTE UP was successful -- especially that it was not registered as a VOTE DOWN.  What happens to me occasionally was just mentioned by someone else:

I can usually press VOTE UP again to reverse an accidental VOTE DOWN, although it may seem slow to show the change.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hey Rob,

We have seen multiple instances of this and have a ticket open with Jive Support. 

It also seems like since we enabled Content Evolution we have seen and had reported multiple instances where users click to post a reply and nothing happens.  If they click multiple times it appears to them that nothing happens but in actuality multiple copies of their comments are going into moderation.  We get about 5-6 of these a day.

Community Team
Community Team

Hey All,

Jive Tech Support regrets (regretted?) to inform us that this is a known bug that they are working to fix.