Back to School

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It's so cool to know that I can do things that I've never done before. After 30+ years from graduating high school, I'm attending college again. Scared, but fun.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community.

How exciting for you being a life long learner. I hope you enjoy your studies, your fellow students will learn lots from you also I'm sure. 

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Community Team


That is really cool that you are back to school.  Thanks for sharing with us.  I hope your first week was good and that this one is shaping up too!

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Hi David Seaton

My congratulations on such a courageous and wise decision! If a person wants to develop constantly, he or she should not stop studying. I hope you like the college program and the studying process. 

How is your semester? Do you have any challenges? Is the Canvas community helpful for you? It would be interesting to get to know your impressions and thoughts on up-to-date education.