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Can you tag people you aren't connected to?

Can you tag people you aren't connected to? I've tried using the ampersand before their names and they don't come up as suggestions. 😕

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I assume you mean here in the community. Check out How do I @mention people, places, content? Also, since this question is about the community rather than Canvas, I am going to move it to the Meta Community​ space. You may have to join the Meta Community Group​ to see future replies.

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awilliams​ my original question, I said ampersand but I meant @  .

Just now, I could do it to you because your name popped up on the auto-suggest list. Most of the time, the names don't appear, even if I click for more names. I feel like if the person is not a "Canvas official" or someone that I'm connected to, I can't tag them. Any insight?

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Community Coach

 @cwendt ,  whenever I respond to someone's question or comment in the Community I almost always "@" mention them and I haven't had a problem getting their name to come up even if we aren't connected. I know sometimes people's names don't come up perfectly (and sometimes I'm spelling it wrong!), but another way to do this is to open up their profile page (on a PC I right click on their name and "open link in new tab") and then copy the URL for their profile page into your post. When you do this it will automatically add the person's name (and a notification to them) to your post.

If it's a more common name (or a popular name of lots of people here in the community)  you can also add an "_" (underscore) after typing their full name and start typing their last name to filter the list that automatically pops up.

For example, you could type "@ mark_jam"  (ignore the space otherwise I would tag myself!) to filter the pop-up list to just people that have "mark jam" in their community name.   I find that  I typically do that as my default so it automatically brings up the most likely candidate that I'm wishing to tag.