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Canvas Community Account

Did anyone have their Canvas Community account reset? I was ranked 38th and had over 7700 points and now I have lost everything? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Oh man,  @jrboek  I looked and you got wiped!

I am pinging  @Renee_Carney ‌ and  @dscott ‌ to see if there is any assistance they might  be able to provide! I will also share your question to the Meta-Community Group.


Community Team
Community Team


Sometimes it can be as simple as a duplicate account that you logged into, but I checked and that doesn't seem to be the case.  I did find Deactivated user, but it doesn't look like you have done anything with that account.  Did you recently make any profile changes?

I was able to find an snapshot of your points at the end of last month.  It shows 5926, so I have no doubt that something fishy happened.

I'm going to leave the points as is for right now while our gamification guru takes a little deeper look.

The only thing I did yesterday was to join a new group.

Community Team
Community Team

 @jrboek ‌, I am so sorry this awful thing happened to you! Our team has been investigating this, and so far we aren't able to see any event that might have accounted for this. We will need to initiate a support case with our software provider; before we do, can you think of any actions you might have taken on your Community profile information that we can include in our ticket as context?

 @jrboek ‌, although we don't immediately see how joining a new group should have had any impact on your points total, any details you can provide would be helpful: which group did you join, was it members-only or resulting from an invitation to a private group? Anything at all that has changed in the last day would flesh out the case. Thanks!

Community Contributor

I think it was the Accreditation or the Office 365 group. Everything was fine. This morning and last night. I was looking at the different groups to see if any would be interested in joining. I joined the two groups and then went in each group to follow the top people in the group to get an idea of the conversations that were going on. Around 10AM CST (or so) I noticed that my ranking and points were gone.

Community Contributor

Also, it looks like all of my badges are gone too.

Ummm.......................... you joined a group,  @jrboek ?

Sheesh! Didn't you get the memo? That's the one and only thing you should never do in a gamified Jive account!

Just kidding, and if there is anything Renee can do, I assure you she will do it!

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Community Champion

Hey  @jrboek , I just wanted to let you know that I am relieved to see that your content was not affected. We have initiated a support case with our software provider to try and address the points and badges that have been lost.