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Canvas Community is Moving (Going Places).

Community Team
Community Team
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Tl;dr - Canvas Community will move to a new platform in 2020


Some of you may remember when we wrote that we would be migrating the Canvas Community to an updated platform. We are excited to tell you that later this year, we plan to migrate our Community to the Khoros Communities platform. Doing this will allow the community to grow in ways not currently possible and to use a toolset that is more flexible and fully featured.


Community History

We at Instructure believe in and have consistently witnessed the power of community as a tool to help users find success in teaching and learning. In 2015 we migrated our then-existing community from its initial platform to the one the community currently inhabits. Since then 685,000 people have joined the community worldwide. Now, it is time to move again, this time to a more robust and fully-featured platform that meets the needs of the community going forward. The new platform will still be home to the guides and release communications, a thriving Q&A forum (with 30k+ questions and answers), feature ideas, and search across both Instructure and user-created resources.


Community Future

We have already begun the process of shifting to our new home. Tentatively, the crossover will happen mid-summer (n.hemisphere), 2020. Our goal is full migration of users, content and site structure.  In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Please share with us your feedback about what you like or don’t like about the current Community by filling out this survey: Canvas Community Check-In.


We promise to share more updates as we go!


Finally, we thought we would leave you with some poetry:


Time to turn the page

Jive is disintegrating

Khoros; the future!


New look, fresh features

Same content and connection

Community next gen!

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Community Champion

Wait, a haiku without nature?

The forest outgrown,

And better bamboo o'er there,

Pandas move on too.

Community Team
Community Team

You rock, Greg, as usual.

Community Contributor

Wait, Scott, will the rankings and rewards transfer to Khoros? I really need those leaderboard and reward features in a community like this!



Community Team
Community Team

Hi Kelvin,

Yes and no.  The new platform uses levels.  Our current ranking system relies on points.  We won't be able to transfer points exactly but are working on converting existing points into levels in the new system.  Does that make sense?