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Changes are here: New feature idea processes went live Friday! (2/24/17)

Community Team
Community Team
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The Focus Group: DRAFT Feature Idea Space has been open and collecting your feedback for the past three weeks! Your insights have already impacted change! Thank You!


On Friday, February 24, 2017, we flipped [the proverbial] switch, and made Canvas Studio the official landing for the Share Ideas space! We’d like to call your attention to a few important changes that have taken place :

  • Additional Product Development Priorities
    Priority: Analytics 2: Teacher & StudentPriority: Canvas Teacher App, Priority: Quizzes.Next were added to the priority list. Gradebook Enhancements will be added soon.
  • Simplified Idea stages
    ‘Under Consideration’ and ‘Gathering Information’ stages were absorbed into ‘Product Radar’. Ideas in 'Product Radar' will remain open for vote and comment.
  • Simplified Page navigation (fewer clicks!)
    The ‘Share Ideas’ button on the Home page now directs to Canvas Studio. The pages previously called 'Share Ideas' and 'Canvas Feature Ideas' were deleted, for the new page integrates all of their content and more!
  • Reopened ideas for voting
    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 (three business days after the new process went live), all ideas that are currently On Hold and Archived with 70 or more votes will enter 'Open for Vote stage'. Ideas that did not make the 70 vote threshold were archived and moved to Cold Storage. However, a few ideas that fell outside of those parameters are still Open for Vote; in most cases they aligned with current product development priorities.


This was a lot of work, but we're excited to see where this next evolution of process takes us!


 For more detailed information on all of the changes, read through the following guides:

Community Team
Community Team

For all of our Community members who avidly follow Canvas Studio‌ and want to know more about the newly revamped ideation process, you won't want to miss  @Renee_Carney 's upcoming CanvasLIVE‌ presentation which will take place on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. RSVP "yes" if you will be there--and if you're interested, but your schedule doesn't allow you to attend in real time, RSVP "no" or "maybe" to receive all event updates. Your RSVP ensures that you will receive a notification should the event be changed or cancelled.

Community Participant

Are there some new updates since 2017?  (I think the answer should be "yes"...)  If so, where can I find them?

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for asking, Eugene.  There are!

You can find all studio related blogs in this feed.  I could have narrowed down just the ones I authored, which are generally the process changes, but there is a lot of other good content and updates in there as well!