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Community Giving

Community Champion
11 8 704

The Canvas Community is made up of many, many talented and giving people. They have helped me to feel less overwhelmed, more equipped, and so well supported in my role as Blended Learning Leader for our whole state. 


They have helped to reassure me that I don't have to know everything about everything, that there are experts to call on day or night, and people to share ideas and stories with to help keep things real. 


When I first shyly put my foot in the door of the Canvas Community I was surprised at the warm welcome I received. Not only that but I got my first badge AND points. Wheee. Instant addiction.


One of the first people I met was stefaniesanders who was genuine with her welcome and generous with her encouragement. The first points I received were from her and it's only until now that I've realised that when she gives points away they come off her total! Bless her heart. I was wondering why she wasn't climbing up the Community Leaderboard.  


So this is a huge thank you to Stefanie and all of the great people who contribute to the Canvas Community. For your warm welcomes, your ideas and stories, your great humour, your honesty, your collective wisdom, your kindness in sharing so much with us all.