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Coworker can't log into Canvas Community

Hey, all:

I am on staff at the University of Wisconsin. A coworker, a long-time professor with a valid university ID, is unable to log in to this fine Canvas Community.

Any suggestions on where I can point him? 



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The Community doesn't have authentication - instead it uses your institution's authentication in Canvas.  So it needs to see a cookie from your Canvas to follow the breadcrumb back to authenticate them.  So first question is - is the user using a system that has been logged in to your school's Canvas before?  And is that system storing cookies?  Is the professor using incognito mode or similar?

Community Team
Community Team

 @cliff_cunningha ‌,  @abunag  is absolutely right. And, we recommend that your bereft user follow the instructions in How do I log into the Community with my Canvas Account? ‌to create a Community profile.

Because this is a question about the (Jive-based) Canvas Community rather than the Canvas learning management system, we've moved it to the‌, where we discuss all-things-Community.

Community Team
Community Team

Hey Cliff,

And do please come back and let us know if your coworker was able to resolve this issue or if they still need help?  Also, feel free to DM us their contact info.



Scott... silly question: How do I Direct Message you?

(I have another coworker who reports not being able to log into the Canvas Community. The error says that his ID is already in use.)



 @cliff_cunningha ‌, here's the link to the lesson with instructions for DM: How do I send direct messages to people in the Canvas Community?  Also, we've done a bit of guide reconfiguration on the backend, so if you're not immediately able to view that lesson, the tl;dr is: Navigate to your Canvas Community Inbox, click on Send Message (envelope), and populate the To field with Scott's name.

Hey Cliff,

I just DM'd you.  You should be able to reply via your community inbox.  Smiley Happy