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Day 11: Product Release Notes

Community Coach
Community Coach
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On the eleventh day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: eleven Product Release Notes...



Do you ever find yourself wondering when a feature has been updated or when your favorite Feature Idea in Canvas Studio will make it into Production? There’s a wonderful place in the Canvas Community to help us understand all of the changes that happen in Instructure’s products.


Release Notes!


Additionally, if you’re just getting started, there’s information All about Release Notes! Cool, huh?


In the Release Notes space, Canvas Community Members can find information about:

  1. Arc
  2. Canvas
  3. Canvas Commons
  4. Canvas Catalog
  5. Canvas Data
  6. Mobile - Canvas Student
  7. Mobile - Canvas Teacher
  8. Mobile - Canvas Parent
  9. Mobile - Magic Marker
  10. Mobile - Polls for Canvas
  11. General Info


One of my favorite parts of the Release Notes space is the little calendar that tells us when to expect Canvas updates. It’s so much easier to keep track of when Beta Instances and Test Instances are reset, when Beta Notes will be released, and when new items will be available in production spaces with this!


Did you know that you can also easily find the most recent Canvas New Feature Screencast on this page? It’s a nice thing to remember when the global search is overwhelming.


I want to take a moment to recognize erinhallmark and the amazing  @CanvasDocTeam  for all of the work they do as they organize all of the updates and special announcements! Additionally, they have quite the task of keeping track of all of our comments and questions on their release notes. Your reliability, promptness, and kindness are always appreciated! Thank you!


While we’re on the topic of Release Notes, feel free to join in the Beta Release Notes Chats. They happen on Wednesdays following the publication of the Beta Release Notes document. New participants are always welcome. Watch the CanvasLIVE space for updates and schedules.

Community Champion

Thank you  @klundstrum ‌ for continuing to host the Beta Release Note Chats!  You make the chats fun, inviting, and well organized! 

Community Champion

erinhallmark‌ and  @CanvasDocTeam ‌ are amazing and do amazing work!  THANK YOU!