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Day 6: Points for Helping

Community Champion
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On the sixth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: Six Points for Helping…


Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for a little extra hard work here and there? Or better yet, for those of us with a competitive spirit, who else loves taking down our peers in a friendly way? That’s what the Canvas Community gives to us: rewards and friendly competition!


Did you know that in part of the Community you have what are called “Mission Badges”? In order earn these badges, you accumulate a set of points (as outlined in the badge requirements), and after you accumulate the required points - you get the badge!




So, take a look at your Mission Badges. Where do you rank compared to others? (Pro Tip: when viewing the leader board for overall points, you can also view the missions!)




Here are a few of my favorite Mission Badges and some people I want to point out as being awesome in the Community:

  • Mission: Influence - snufer is currently Ranked #5 and at a Level 23!
  • Mission: Helper -  @James  is Ranked #4 with Level 574!!!
  • Mission: Leadership - laurakgibbs is in First Place at Level 73!
  • Mission: Respond -  @kblack  has placed Ninth with Level 44!!
  • Mission: Virality - lauramaewojo is about to take down Community Panda for the 15th spot and Level 77!!!!


I hope you can see that there’s more to the Community and challenging each other than the “normal” way to score points. Mission Badges give you a whole new way to challenge yourself and your colleagues - and it helps each of us who live in the Community! Mission Badges really are a win-win for everyone!


I hope you’re enjoying the “12 Days of Canvasmas” as much as I am so far! Happy Holidays, y’all!

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