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Discovering new ideas for voting

I set a monthly reminder to come to the Ideas page and survey the new items up for vote.     Looking this morning, there are 1229 items up for voting.   At 20 items per page, that's 60 pages of ideas I need to scan through to decide if I want to vote it up or down, or ignore.   That's too many.   

How are you all managing your voting?   What tricks are you using to discover the new items?   Is there a secret filter that will sort the items by their posting date?

Thanks, Glen

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I try to look at the new ideas every few days. I look at ideas that are in stage 1 and stage 1.5, and I sort them by most recent activity. That way, the newest ideas are at the top of the list (along with older ideas that have new activity, but often I recognize those without having to open them). I open all the new ideas in  separate tabs and bookmark the ideas that I will probably vote for. When voting opens for the next bunch, I'll return to the list of bookmarked items, vote, and remove the bookmarks.

Another way to do it is to filter the ideas by the "votes open" date (described here: New Feature Idea Voting Opened Today​  ) and look through just the new ones. That's probably what I'll do when fall gets here, since I don't expect to be able to login as often, but then there's more ideas to look through, and if possible I would vote on them all in one sitting, since it's harder to keep track of what you have voted on when you have voted for some ideas in a group but not others (Re: Which Ideas Have I Voted On?​ and In the list of ideas up for voting, let me see whether I've already voted on it. )

Another way to do it would be to wait until almost the end of a voting period, view only stage 2 ideas, filter the ideas that are about to age out (i.e., by May 5 for the ideas that will close tomorrow), sort them by score, and look only at the ones that have 60-99 votes. (Technically ideas need 100 votes but I've seen ideas with as few as 60-some votes getting attention.) Too few votes and your vote won't matter anyway--the idea will be archived. Too many votes and the idea gets attention regardless. So you might as well spend your time where it will matter most. I haven't relied on this system yet, but it should work. I just filtered/sorted this way and there was less than a page of ideas that needed attention (screenshot).

feature idea voting at end of period.JPG

Wait . . . that last method isn't ideal because "sort by score" is not the same as "sort by votes" and "sort by most votes" returns no content.

I sorted the ideas as in my screenshot above and paged through. Vote totals descended until they reached 0 votes on page 6, then on page 7 the vote totals jumped back up to 62 votes, they descended again to 0 on page 12, then on page 13 jumped back up to 57 votes and dropped down to 0 on page 14. So if you try that last idea, you'll need to look through all the pages, but it should still be pretty straightforward to locate the vote totals and open viable ideas in separate tabs for voting.

(I have no idea what "sort by score" is doing or why "sort by most votes" is nonfunctional. I asked a question about that here: "Sort by score" vs "Sort by most votes" )


I asked a similar question in Which Ideas Have I Voted On? and  @kona ​ gave me some good advice for sifting through the list of ideas to find ones I had not voted on. This may help as well.