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Community Coach
Community Coach
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Teacher Appreciation 2020

[THIS TEMPLATE IS FOR THE TEACHER APPRECIATION BLOGGING CHALLENGE. When you're ready, change the title of your nomination. Also, remember to create a  banner image that complements your story. Keep the custom tags, and feel free to add more. Hit 'publish' to post and then share your nomination to Twitter using the hashtag #CanvasFAM by 11:59pm MST on April 17th for a chance for you and your nominated educator to win a gift card. <--- be sure to delete this part and leave the header image and the links at the bottom.


Dear Educator,

[Write a letter about an amazing educator. Celebrate them and share how this super-special educator is providing continuity and stability through innovation. Tell everyone how they're making a difference!

(If you can, it would be awesome for you to share a photo of this inspiring educator too. Just make sure they have your permission first.)]

^delete this part too!

Thank You (You're the Best!),