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Gotcha - caught them being good!

Learner II
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HI everyone,

In light of all that has happened, a 'small change, big impact' idea (thanks  @jared ‌ - still using that) which we wanted to share for all to possibly use if you haven't already. We use Sentral as a Student Management system and we can allocate "e-Gotchas" - an award for anything basically. They get tallied weekly and kids go into a raffle for a canteen voucher. However, you could do this in any reward system you use across your school. 

Our Parent/Carer community has never been more engaged in Canvas and we wanted to say thanks for all their work during the recent lock down, so we allocated the entire student body a gotcha and wrote on it that is was for the parents/caregivers as a thank you. 

We also put this across our school social media sites:


We had some lovely comments and feedback from the school community and it was appreciated by those that saw it. It's a small change, and can further cement the partnership between the school and the community. 

Give it a go. Costs nothing to say thanks!

 @david_summervi1 ‌  #callaghancollegewallsendcampus#callaghancollege