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Has anyone figured out how to bookmark content?

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I noticed when I click in the search box in the top right of the new community that there is a section for "bookmarked" content. Referring to the Jive documentation on bookmarking it would seem to indicate I should be able to bookmark any content I find here but I'm not seeing anything to "click Bookmark in the right menu."

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Thanks  @biray . It's something to do with Chrome. To complicate it even more, it's working fine in Incognito Mode. Thanks for looking in to it but you may have no luck reproducing it if this is something to do with my personal Chrome environment (nothing crazy, just some good 'ol extensions). For now I think I'll designate Firefox 37 as my community browser.

Follow-Up  @biray ​, it was an adblocking extension in Chrome. So, 100% user error, :smileyblush: