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How do I become a Canvas Coach?

Community Team
Community Team
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Canvas Coach Logo.pngWhat is a ​?

A Canvas Coach is an experienced Canvas user and active member of the Community, who is endorsed by Instructure. The role of a Canvas Coach is to serve, encourage, and advance the Canvas Community. Coaches are not Instructure employees.

How do I become a Canvas Coach?

There is no application process or defined steps to become a Canvas Coach; nor are there plans to formalize a process. Canvas Coaches are hand-selected based on their presence, attitude, talents, and expertise. Of course, being an awesome human being that knows Canvas helps, too.

What should I do if I want to be a Canvas Coach?

There is no right/wrong way to be a Canvas Coach. Each of our current Coaches came to be through a variety of different paths. But here are some things we look for:

  • Stay engaged in the Canvas Community
  • Be helpful with your feedback
  • Answer questions
  • Provide creative solutions
  • Offer suggestions in a positive and empowering way
  • Engage or start conversations
  • Add to and/or create resources

Basically, just be awesome!

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