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Learner II

How do I find out who is deleting my comments in the Canvas Communties and why?

Who has permission to remove other people's comments? What are the Community policies? Why aren't people notified that their contributions to the Canvas Community being removed?

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Community Coach
Community Coach, Here's the Community Guidelines - As for deleting - Community Managers can delete posts/comments anywhere in the Community, technically Canvas Coach's can delete things in certain areas of the Community, and I'm guessing that there are a few other group Managers (users who oversee groups in the Community) and Instructure employees who have the ability to delete as well. Yet, in general posts and comments aren't normally deleted/removed. Yes, there are some cases, but it's normally a comment made on the guides - these are deleted after they are addressed.

Could you be more specific as to where your deleted comments were posted (so what area of the Community and if you remember, which specific content item)? That might help us better track down what happened to your posts.

Comments (mine and others) deleted and thread locked:

Accessing beta and test environments? 

Moreover, my dashboard says that the author of a reply to me within one of the modified threads (who mentioned me by name) deleted his response but when I emailed him personally, he denied deleting it.

Community Coach
Community Coach, the discussions you are referencing are in a Private group. That means you would want to talk to one of the group owners to see what's going on. To find out who to contact, go to the group and then click on People. On the left side of the page there should be a heading called "Owned by" and then at least 1 or more people listed. These are the people who would have the rights to delete someones post inside this group.

Hope this helps!

Thanks that is very helpful. Interestingly enough, one of the people listed as an owner is the one who denied deleting their comment, indicated to me that they did not have the power to lock threads, and told me they had no idea who I should contact about my comments being deleted.

Do I have to follow all of them in order to contact the owners of the group? Or is there another way I can ask them privately?

Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm double-checking that all group owners would have the ability to delete within their group.

Community Coach
Community Coach

If you follow the person in the Community you should then be able to private message them; mouse over their name and a box should show up with the Follow and Message options. In addition, my guess is that they are from your school, so in theory you should be able to look them up in your school directory and contact them outside of the Community if you need to.

Thanks, , I was hoping there was a way to contact them within Canvas, since it is directly related to a Canvas Community they (collectively) own. So, from your reply, there is no way to contact the owners of a Canvas Community within Canvas unless you go through the process of specifically following each and every one of them. Is my understanding correct?

Community Coach
Community Coach

This guide will probably do a better job of explaining this - 

Also, I must apologize, I double-checked and apparently permissions (like to delete things) are set by person and not by role (ex: Group Owner). This makes things a little more complex because I'm not sure how to tell who may or may not be able to delete in your private group. I've got one of the Community Managers looking into this to see what we can find out. Sorry for the confusion!!