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Adventurer II

Increasingly Negative Points!

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My Community score is going backwards with every (apparently) new contact made.



Am quite sure that the people who are now following me, followed me before -  @chofer ‌ and  @kmeeusen ‌

I must have angered the Community Gods!

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Yes,  @nr2522  , you are also groovy and far out like Gideon!

It's like that new sitcom - you guys are the new cool kids on the block; or maybe a boy band. I'm just not sure!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Imagine the love you are going to feel when you wake up to loads more followers  @GideonWilliams . 


Explorer III

I'm still bitter about the community scoring being changed a year or so back, I'm sure I ended up lower in the league table when that happened. I have been awarded a "surfing panda" badge (or something similar) several times recently though, so it's not all bad. Smiley Happy 
Currently lingering just outside the top 100, I guess I should follow a few more people if I want to break through that barrier.

Following people isn't worth nearly as many points as being followed. Having content marked helpful or correct is also a great way to earn points if that's your thing Smiley Happy