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Learner II

Instructure folks no longer listed in 'Ranking'?

So it looks like, in Profile > Reputation > Ranking, the Instructure employees no longer appear, so that customers' Rankings are higher than they were before...

Anybody else notice this and/or confirm?

If so, nice move, Instructure! (As fun as it was competing with you, Deactivated user​... 🙂

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hmm... Interesting... I just checked and you are completely correct! Didn't change anything for me Smiley Wink, but it looks like a lot of people got a big jump in their rankings!

Side note,  @James ​ let me know that Deactivated user​ was still showing up on his list, so maybe just *some* of the Instructure employees were removed?

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for the note on Seth.

Yes, we took ourselves out of the ranking to put a better focus on our Community Members!  We want to see what you are all doing, not where we fall in the mix!

Community Member

Hi  @G_Petruzella ​ - thanks for noticing. Clearly you're one who checks your ranking regularly Smiley Wink

Yes, we removed those members whose role requires them to engage in the community regularly (i.e., Community Team, some docs team from the rankings, some employees). We initially focused on those who ranked in the top 10-15 by default. We did not remove all employees since we do encourage employees to engage in the community. Smiley Happy

Community Member

BTW - Instructure employees can still accumulate points/badges and 'play' with y'all. We simply won't show up on the leaderboards. So don't give up on your battles just yet...

 @G_Petruzella ​ was always going to put himself out of my reach anyway.  But now it won't be as obvious to the world!

I like the move, still plan to rack up more points than the other CSMs, but that is just because I have a problem 🙂

Community Member

Gee thanks,  @G_Petruzella ​! I thought my sheer awesomeness had bumped me up a few notches, but you had to go and burst my bubble. #crushedpanda

Community Member

Don't be crushed  @tdelillo ​ - we've just added a few new missions yesterday. There are plenty of ways to get points and earn some 'purty' badges. Smiley Happy

What types of badges are available?