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Learner II

Is the Veejay mission de facto retired?

I'm a little sad (perhaps significantly sadder than I should be! haha) that I can no longer finish the Veejay Mission since you can no longer rate videos in the community. Sad panda face.

Any chance this mission will be updated to match the video update? And if so, fingers crossed my 82% completion was not in vain.

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Learner II

I have high hopes for you to be able continue your journey towards the Veejay mission badge.

Best of luck!

Community Member

Thanks for the post. I will look into this! Smiley Happy


Ditto.  We can cry together.  
I just can't....

The Jive update  Jive 2016.1 Update; Content Evolution​ took away the ability but I know that we will succeed. 

Community Team
Community Team​, since this is a question about Community badges and not the Canvas LMS, I've moved it to the Meta Community Group​, where we discuss all-things-Community. If you're not already a member of that group, and you're interested in how the Jive-based Canvas Community works, it only takes a few clicks to join.

Thank you for moving it! I really wasn't sure where to ask it!

Understandable.  I only stumbled upon the group and the Content Evolution page myself a week ago. Smiley Happy  There's so much information to process and absorb.

There really is! My institution is just beginning our migration to Canvas, so I really feel like I'm attempting to drink out of a fire hose! : ) In a good way, of course.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi All,

I can confirm that Content Evolution did indeed hide the star ratings feature.  Wether the Veejay mission will be retired or not remains to be seen.  Jive does intend to bring ratings back in a future release.  "The new content templates do not include the multiple star ratings yet. We had to prioritize all of the content functionality that we could enable in 1 quarterly release. Certain other features, like quick tagging, we're also not included. This functionality has not been deprecated, and we're working on building it out in future releases. The feature toggle to remain on old content will continue to exist until we complete all of the work required to Jive Customers: 2016.1 Deep Dive: Content 32 remove the old views."

Our resident gamification guru will provide an update when we know more.



Thank you Scott for the update and for researching this for us.  I should have finished the badge faster.  DOH!
Onto a new badge and addiction!