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Name the Levels!

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So, this is happening: Let the Games Begin (Again)‌. We are re-configuring our Canvas community gamification strategy. Changing up point structure. Badging thresholds. And with that comes changes to community LEVELS, too.

Last year, traciebosket‌ suggested we" modifiedtitle="true" title="Name the Canvas Community Ba.... At the time, we weren't ready for a change, but weren't closed off to it, either. Seeing as we're shaking things up, we figured this would be the perfect time to hear some of your ideas for naming convention for community LEVELS.

We're definitely looking forward to your suggestions!

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So many good ideas, wow.

I really like the belt idea given by awilliams, it is a well known ranking system and easy to follow.

Also the ranks presented by  @kmeeusen ‌ are easy to follow:

Or (Panda)....











I have one observation or question...

Should there be "categories" of ranks?

If someone is a "black-belt" or "Inspiring", through what skill did they achieve that rank?

Are they an expert in instructional design?

Are they an expert in K-12?

ARe they an expert in Higher Ed?

Are they an expert in use of the API?

Are they an expert in SIS integrations?

Should each "Group" have a ranking to represent specialization in those categories?

That might be a very useful approach, helping people to find the advice/support they are looking for. 

Just a thought : )


So many great ideas!!!  Here's a fun idea.....maybe the level names could spell out PANDA.

P - Pupil

A - Apprentice

N - Navigator

D - Dignitary

A - Ambassador

These words aren't quite the right match and don't exactly follow a theme, but just another idea to throw into the mix.

Community Contributor

Pair this with a 'belt' mechanism to add a few more levels and it's a winner in my eyes Smiley Happy

Community Contributor

I don't think this should become too important.   As a learner, I'm going to have other ways of figuring out people who will be experts in specifics.   Now, it's true that I learned that 'experts' tended to be in lots of groups where they didn't necessarily have specific expertise (say, "accessibility") but I can look at somebody's profile to see their activity to see if this person is K-12 or whatever I'm looking for.   

     Gamification should be a lower priority than stuff that actually makes Canvas a better LMS... 

@kschneider25 would like to know community which is having this level grid....



Community Champion

@shivak That image was from 4 years ago so I could only imagine which software product was using it at the time.

@kschneider25 do you remember which product is using it at that time ? actually I am looking for complete list of levels as screenshot is not having full list in it...thanks for your reply!

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks to everyone still contributing to this old thread! We recently launched a different method of awarding badges to our members, and that's detailed in  New Community Badges!  

Also, this thread is specific to the badging initiatives in this, the Instructure Community, so if you're asking about how to award badges in Canvas, we hope you'll post those questions to the  Canvas Question Forum .

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